Side effects of eating cannabis

Side effects of eating cannabis

From its dictionary definition, cannabis refers to a plant of the genus cannabis.
It has the look of a coarse bushy annual that has palmate leaves and clusters of green flowers.
Simply stated, it is the plant referred to as marijuana.

The consumption or use of cannabis has both psychological and physiological effects on the body.
Even if there are positive effects, there are also bad side effects to eating cannabis.
With regard to the benefits that one gets, eating cannabis can cure nausea, pain as well as alleviate the pain that some chronic illnesses have.
Because it affects each person differently, some people can be allergic to the cannabis and marijuana.
Another good effect that cannabis has is that it lifts a person’s mood, which then brings about a reduction in stress.

On the side effects of eating cannabis, these can be divided into short term effects and long term effects.
The short term physical effects that the consumption of cannabis has are:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Sensation of hot or cold hands and feet

The psychoactive effects are generally considered to be on the positive side, but one of the psychoactive effects that can be seen as side effects of eating cannabis is that to somebody who is unaccustomed to the use of marijuana, it can bring about feelings of extreme anxiety and paranoia.
Further experiments on animal and human tissue with regard to the use of cannabis have shown that it disrupts short term memory.
In the long run, extended use of this drug could bring about the side effects of eating cannabis wherein it blocks off cellular processes that are intertwined with the formation of memory.

While the eating of cannabis is made easier by it being made into a bud butter that can be mixed to other food items like in the making of banana cake or chocolate brownies, you do have to make a careful consideration as to what food you add this ingredient to.
The side effects of eating cannabis may seem like minor effects that one can deal with, but if they are experienced a lot, they can have lasting negative effects.
The feeling of having a tense and racy heart is not a good feeling.
Chronic coughing can also occur and, just like the common cold, nothing is more bothersome than a sickness that can’t be cured.

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